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  • Ice cube maker, air cooling, 53 kg/24 h

    Ice cube maker, air cooling, 53 kg/24 h

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    Product description

    Ice cube maker, air cooling, 53 kg/24 h The design includes a revolutionary system of propulsion through semi-elastic injectors that prevent the problems of lime and other impurities in the water. The movement (expansion) of the injectors prevents the lime building up on them and blocking them. The water pump is designed to adapt perfectly to the machine; in addition it is manufactured using materials to ensure a long service life even in zones where the water is very hard. The machines have been tropicalized (Class T) for optimum performance even in countries with very high temperatures. The body is completely 18/8 stainless steel, and easily removable with an inwards folding door. All the models are available as air- or water- cooled. ¾” water inlet.

    Product details

    • category : RESTAURANT ICE MAKER
    • brand : MASTRO
    • model : BAA0030
    • Attachment : Spec Sheet

    Product specification

    • Model: BAA0030
    • Dimensions: L497 D592 H898
    • Kg: 55.00
    • Supply: Electricity
    • Catalogue Page: 202CS
    • Volt: 220-240
    • KW el.: 0,460
    • Freq.: 50
    • Phase: 1F+N
    • Room Temp.: +43°C
    • Ref. Gas.: R290 (110 g)
    • Capacity: storage 25 kg
    • Production: 53 kg/24 h
    • Water inlet 3/4"
    • Water outlet Ø24 mm


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